Morgan Foundation Publishers is a vehicle for the discovery and transmission of critical innovations, with global application, that empower and facilitate the life of the individual reader.

Our books span topics such as enhanced and healthy aging, personal skills for the measurement of body age, maximizing time and hypnosis, and the protection of those who are hurt while seeking help, (Iatrogenic Practice). Many of our works are collaborations, and all of them have a personalized, innovative perspective.

About the President

Dr. Robert Morgan is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association (Divisions of Clinical, Psychotherapy, International, and Trauma Psychology). In 2001 he received the APA Distinguished International Psychologist Award.  A recent Board member of the International Council of Psychologists, he served from 1982 to 2006 on the Executive Committee and Board of the International Association of Applied Psychologists as Founding President of the Division of Applied Gerontology. Professional consultation over the last four decades has included work for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the United States Peace Corps, the Native American Health Center in Oakland, California, and in Canada, Guam, Hawaii, New Zealand and Singapore. He is on the Editorial Advisory Board of Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry: An International Journal of Critical Inquiry and is the Founding Editor of the Cambridge University Press online Journal of Tropical Psychology. A primary area of his interest is the international prevention and treatment of trauma, at individual or community levels and across the lifespan. 


Morgan Foundation Publishers

About the Vice President
Rebecca Owl Morgan, MLS, is a Project Coordinator with the National Indian Council on Aging and a recent Docent for the Clinton Presidential Library.  Her experience includes library and research services in Montana, California, Guam, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, and Singapore.  She is Cherokee/Choctaw/Irish from the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in Western North Carolina. Becky is the lead designer of the Morgan Foundation Publishers web page.