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Robert F. Morgan

Born in the lull between the two world wars, time now to write stories from eight decades of lifespan. No point in waiting any longer.

A Life Member of the American Psychological Association. An NIMH Pre-Doctoral Fellow at Michigan State University, followed with more than 60 years of post-doctoral practice and teaching experience. 


Latest Releases

Time Statues Revisited 5-Book Series

On Time Statues: Time is a place. Each moment is a statue in time, always rooted in that time and that place. Visits include Martin Luther King Jr., Timothy Leary, Pat Norman, Rollo May, Allen Ginsberg, Ernst Beier, Singapore, Guam, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, a Taotaomona jungle spirit. Read our reviews here



Insights and Feedback: Discover What People Are Saying

The Iatrogenics Handbook

A Critical Look at Research and Practice in the Helping Professions

Dr. Robert F. Morgan, Editor

"This collection of essays is on a theme which should interest every mental health practitioner: the illnesses caused by our very attempts to cure people. It gives the reader a valuable humility."
From Dr. Rollo May, celebrated Existential Psychologist

"This is the sort of book which inspires hope... it presents considerable basis for hope that self-examination and public scrutiny will lead to a moderation in the negative consequences of receiving help."
From Dr. Nelson Jones, Professor of Psychology, University of Denver

"An interesting, varied and valuable collection."
From Dr. Bertram P. Karon, Professor of psychology, Michigan State University..........


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